Fallen Heroes 31Tragically in October 2015, Kansas City endured the loss of two courageous firemen, Larry Leggio and John Mesh.  Like so many, we mourned this devastating loss with a heavy heart.  In this darkness, an idea was born to support the local families left behind.  With a core group of less than 10 friends, the support of The Bar and only 6 days, the “Fallen Heroes Ride” came to life.

When our Facebook event page went Public we had almost 2,000 shares in 2 days.  Donations started pouring in for the auction, the families, and our team was in overdrive!  We all could see this ride was taking on a life of it’s own.

On October 25, 2015, the riders began arriving, and they just kept coming.  Over 700 motorcycles and 1,300+ people came to show their support. We raised just shy of  $40,000 with 100% of it going to the families through Local 42.   After the dust had settled, we were truly able to see the miracles that happened over those 6 days.  We are forever grateful and thankful to have been given the opportunity to make this happen.

From the beginning, and throughout the process, we were asked to make this an Annual Ride.  Without hesitation, we said ABSOLUTELY!  Because of the magnitude of this ride, we were introduced to S.A.F.E. which aligns with our purpose and vision for the continued raising of monies to support our Fallen Heroes families and honor their sacrifice.

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